FIDIC Africa Infrastructure Conference 2021

Project Showcase
Digital Design, Facebook Graphics, Invitations, Print Design, Web Banners
About This Project

“The Annual FIDIC Africa Conference is one of the biggest events for Consulting Engineers in the African diaspora, attracting engineering practitioners, built environment professionals, governments, state-owned entities, property developers, funding agencies, contractors, and suppliers to our industry from at least 17 countries across the Continent. It further serves as an excellent platform for likeminded people across the globe, to join in the pursuit of African Partnerships for mutual benefit in a win–win collaboration of interests.”

For this event, I designed the visual element of the engineers showing the infrastructure of bridges and roads, which was the pulled through to all the visual design of the conference: social media posts, web banners, holding slides on the day of the event, presentation templates for the speakers, email signatures and the agenda. On the day there was a digital flag parade as well as Zoom backgrounds and speaker announcement slides. The event was a huge success.