CESA Infrastructure Indaba 2021

Project Showcase
Digital Design, Invitations, Print Design, Web Banners
About This Project

“The CESA Indaba brings together leading technical engineering experts sourced locally and internationally, from government entities, contractors, suppliers and other professionals involved in the engineering and built environment. The purpose is to share ideas on optimising efficiencies in infrastructure investment and implementation; simultaneously ensuring that such investments are sustainable. It is imperative that the needs of the people are served while supporting economic growth, which is key to the eradication of poverty, inequality and unemployment.”

For this Indaba, I designed the visual look and feel that was then applied to all the visual design – from the invitation and web banners, to the virtual networking platform. CESA, being an engineering collective, liked the cranes and scene of futuristic infrastructure. The look and feel was applied to the sponsorship prospectus to help with securing sponsorship for the event, as well as all stationery and the programme.