User Interface Design
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User Interface Design

User Interface design is a discipline within digital graphic design that has gained in popularity in a big way over the last few years. Some may say UI design presents the future for graphic designers, as print media slowly fades out of our field.

It feels like I was doing UI design long before I knew that it was called by that name 🙂 Every time a website experience was designed and bespoke icons were made for a client, attention and care were given to the way that the user finds his or her way through the information presented. These days we know what to call it and I very much enjoy the mix of psychology, planning and testing that make up the discipline. It is such a satisfying exercise to anticipate and plan the journey of a user as one leads him or her through the landscape of information and images.

My experience lies mostly with User Interface design but I have done a bit of User Experience design as well. It is of benefit to me that I have experience with hand-coding websites with HTML and CSS – this gives me an inherent understanding of what can and cannot be done from a development point of view.

I make extensive use of Adobe XD for the design and prototyping process. It is a great app for putting the visual design together, and the wireframing functionality enables me to easily export a functional prototype that shows the flow of links and pages, as well as the different states of interactive elements. To present to the client, it can either export a PDF or it can create an link so that the client can view the entire prototype online. When it comes to hand off to the development team, it exports all assets and styles.

For confidentiality reasons, not all projects may be shown in this portfolio – please inquire for further examples of design and prototyping.