User_Interface_Design_002 – Grow & Share
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User Interface Design
About This Project

The client commissioned this UI design for his concept of a mobile app where users can share the produce grown in their own gardens. The premise is that it is becoming more and more popular to grow vegetables and herbs in one’s own garden. Often the situation will occur that one has an excess of one kind of produce, while on the other hand one still needs certain things… so why not share among each other? This app allows people in geographic proximity to share the produce from their gardens with each other.

The design had to reflect the values of user-friendliness, healthy food and eating and generally a sense of community, trustworthiness and competent exchange. So obviously we went for green, even a lovely array of greens. The logo, which was part of the branding design, displays bold a type face and an icon that can leave the user in no doubt as to what they are dealing with here. We, as a people, will grow things… and then we will share them. With love. In a quaint wooden box. The colour scheme includes a variety of fresh greens that go great with the colours of fresh produce – all the reds, and yellows and purples. The type face is modern and bold, yet very friendly and engaging.

The design intends to keep the user interaction as simple and to-the-point as possible. We don’t want the user to have to click or tap even once more than is required to get to the action they require. It is very exciting to have the option to integrate services such as Uber Eats to make the app even more valuable to its users. This follows the design ethos of always adding¬† more value for the user, always making things easier.¬†The app is very intuitive to use, but there is an onboarding tutorial to help new users.

Please click this link to view the working prototype.