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Corporate Identity Design, Logo Design
About This Project

This client needed a two-fold result: he wanted to revamp the existing logo for his legal practice – in addition, create more logos for other areas of business he was opening up. All these logos had to be united under an umbrella logo, thus creating a band of unity among the departments.

The client’s main business is his legal practice. The logo has to convey stability, power and fairness – and also show that the client’s approach is fresh and unconventional. While doing research for the perfect colour scheme with which to brand the Group and four businesses united under it, I found an aerial photo of the ocean and beach. Later I discovered that the client is an enthusiastic scuba diver and really resonated with these colours. The type face was chosen for its unwavering elegance and stability. Each business is colour-coded with a tab of colour and a colour bar was devised as a visual element to explain the relationship between the Group and each business in it. It works very well in application on all branded elements.

1. Logo design and development
2. Business Cards
3. Responsive HTML E-mail Signatures
4. Street Pole Ads
5. Letterheads
6. Corporate Folders
7. Flyers
8. Outdoor Branding: Gazebo
9. Sharkfin Banner
10. Sign Boards
11. Billboards
12. Street Advertising
13. Digital Branding: Remarketing Banners
14. Social Media Branding
15. HTML Newsletters