Digital Design_002 – HTML Newsletter & Email Signatures
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Digital Design, HTML Newsletters & Email Signatures
About This Project

Digital design has become an integral part of a company’s marketing strategy. It is essential for businesses to have a sound online presence.

A well-designed email signature has the potential to be a powerful element in the marketing arsenal. Every time an email is sent and seen by clients and suppliers, it can strengthen the marketing message and reinforce the brand, as well as advertise special offers or new services. When using a responsive HTML signature, it looks great on large screens and mobile phones and delivers convenient usability to users in terms of live links.

HTML invitations are another element that delivers great usability to clients. Electronic invitations are received directly on client devices linking them directly to online RSVP systems that capture responses and client details and insert them into a database. This is a huge advantage over the old way of having to print runs of invitations to send to people and then capturing responses manually. Another advantage is how easy it is to change details on electronic artwork – something that is costly and time consuming on printed invitations. What we are seeing these days is that clients want to send out invitations on WhatsApp. This does not allow for RSVP functionality, but it does make distributing invitations very easy. Things certainly change constantly in the digital space!

HTML newsletters are a great way to disseminate information to clients – even large amounts of information can be sent in very light files by using live text and links to documents hosted on a server. It is also a wonderful opportunity to strengthen the brand in an engaging way while keeping clients updated.

HTML email signatures designed and developed on behalf of Mynt Productions.
HTML invitations and newsletters designed and developed on behalf of Event Options Conference Registration Solutions and Off The Wall Events.