Digital Design
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Digital Design

There can be no doubt that a company’s digital presence carries crucial importance. The first point of contact for most people will be with the website, or perhaps through an email signature. The branding standard should follow like a golden thread throughout the entire branding effort – in the realms of digital and print. In the world of ever-increasing speed and quality of displays on our devices, it becomes even more important that the brand message be on point.

The digital branch of the marketing strategy should involve at least these things (and these happen to be my specialties)

  1. an engaging and informative website that is fully responsive and is updated often
  2. correctly branded newsletters keeping your clients up to date with useful and interesting content
  3. an HTML email signature that is responsive and hyperlinks to the website, email addresses and phone numbers
  4. social media presence in whatever area is suitable for the business – this requires proper branding to tie the messaging together
  5. remarketing banners to work with Google Adwords, as well as various advertising banners for search engine optimisation (SEO)

Things are changing fast in the digital world and with the right strategy, it is a great way to reach your clients, fast and cost-effectively.